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“Transformation through inspiration – Utopian visions to reinvent society”

February 10 @ 18:00 - 19:30

A book presentation and lively utopian discussion

Imagine you wake up in a future where the great social-ecological transformation has succeeded, democracy is flourishing, peace and prosperity prevail, the economy is oriented toward the common good, and the climate crisis has been averted successfully. How would this new world look like?

Especially in todays times of crises, there is a huge need for positive visions for the future that give orientation, inspiration and motivate personal and societal transformation. Author and utopian activist Lino Zeddies will present his book Utopia 2048 and share how to view the world from a utopian perspective. In addition, we will discuss how to bring about societal transformation effectively and how the power of utopias can be employed for this purpose.

Join this inspiring online event on Zoom:

About the Book

“Utopia 2048” takes two “time travelers” through the cities, businesses and institutions of such an inspiring society. In the course of their journey, they experience democracy innovations in a greened Berlin, they visit regenerative agriculture and a free school in the Brandenburg countryside, they see the UN Tower in Singapore, a progressive university in Malmö and much more. Along the way, they learn how numerous internal and external developments have guided the great transformation.

Who is it for?

  • You are sick and tired of dystopic scenarios while you are not ignoring current realities
  • You are a systems thinker and shaper and want to connect with inspiring visions for a brighter future
  • You want to be a proactive part of imagining, designing and building the NEW

Short Bio

Lino Alexander Zeddies, Co-Founder of Reinventing Society – Zentrum für Realutopien:

Lino Alexander Zeddies is an economist, organizational developer and utopian author. His purpose is to inspire people and organizations with future visions of a more beautiful world and to support the journey to get there with empowering impulses, innovative methods and spaces of transformative experiences.